For some, cooking is what one does. For me, it’s who I’ve always been.

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My earliest food memories stem back to being a very tiny person at my Grandmother’s house in Upstate New York. With fingers wrapped around the countertop and nose pressed into the edge, I remember watching her bake and asking her why and how everything worked. My cousins and siblings were running around the yard and there I was – fixated on the kitchen magic.

Through the years I’ve worked for great chefs, learned so much about warmth and hospitality, and shared my passion for food and drink with friends, family and coworkers. Many nights have been spent over glasses of wine while I madly took notes on braises, new techniques and pairing ideas. My bedside table has, for as long as I can remember, been buried in cookbooks (who needs novels?) that are read and cherished for their many inspirations. When I began to travel I proudly took cooking classes just about everywhere I’ve gone, and, from there, started to explore with my own ideas of fusion cooking and world influences.

You know, I never intended on starting this business. It found me! The first few clients sent me the next few – and so on. Each person whom I connected with wanted to share their experience with someone else in their life…and that’s how it has always grown. My inherent love of food and service brings something special to my clients and dear friends.

Give me a call – let’s see what I can bring to your life. – Janice Carte, Tiny Spoon Chef