Janice Carte changed my life. Really, she did...It is a revelation to be served a gorgeous meal, in the comfort of home, after a long day of work. I appreciate that my three children can put together their own school lunches from the things Janice prepares and package up for them. The kids love getting to choose the menu for dinner, and being involved in the decisions about what she will buy and prepare for their lunches. I appreciate that we plan together what she cooks, and we know where all our food is coming from and what is in it. It is important to me that cooking is happening in the home and that the children grow up with that exposure and involvement. We constantly try new dishes, and are inspired to do more cooking on our own and can actually do it because Janice helps so much with shopping and prep. The farm share has become more of a pleasure than a thing to be dealt with every week. We get more out of the abundance of our garden in summer.

Half a year after Janice started cooking I began to notice that being relieved of the significant time and mental energy it requires to plan, shop for, and execute 21 meals a week for a family of five, I have had more mental energy and freedom to pursue new endeavors in my career. My professional growth and expansion has been an unexpected benefit of having Janice help us with meals- and it didn’t have to come at the cost of feeding my family less well than I would like. I did not realize before how much energy it required to cook in a way that is consistent with the values I want to teach my children: cooking delicious meals from scratch at home is a way of life. Sometimes you do get to have it all!