As a busy Clinical Psychologist with an interest in Lifestyle Medicine, I decided to hire a personal chef for myself and my 10 year old son to maximize my time with my child at the end of the work day, and to uphold my belief in optimal nutrition for us both...Hiring Chef Janice was the best decision I made all year! I have lost 15 pounds since she began cooking for me once per week in January, and my son’s growth spurts have been well accommodated with more vegetables done up in a way that even a kid begs for more… Janice is so efficient in her work, that not only do we have plenty of food to last the whole week, but oftentimes she is able to freeze things for me to fall back on another time. And I know that what is important to me (organic, grass-fed, fresh, well-selected fruits and vegetables) will be the ingredients used in our menu. I love that I can make selections of any recipes I’ve ever wanted to try, or I can just turn the whole thing over to her and it’s always excellent no matter what. An added bonus is that now we have our friends over spontaneously because we always have delicious food all ready, and that I am so excited to share. It’s completely a win/win because it saves me time and energy and trips to the grocery store and gives us optimal health and more time as a family.

Janice herself is such a lovely person with fantastic energy and we love having her in the house doing her thing in the kitchen.